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Decorator Crab

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Decorator crabs are among some of the most interesting and unique species of crustaceans, known for their unique appearances. As their name suggests, decorator crabs are most commonly known for their habit of decorating their bodies with a variety of different things ranging from algae to sponges to even living corals! In their natural habitats, these animals use these living 'decorations' as a form of camouflage and protection from potential predators. Due to this tendency to collect items, it should be noted that decorator crabs may decide to wear any variety of things available to them in the home aquarium, including polyps that are not securely fixed to another surface (e.g. zoanthids and other soft polyps).


***When molting, most decorator crabs will meticulously move decorations from their old carapace onto the new one. For this reason, the immediate removal of molts is NOT recommended.

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