Top Shelf Aquatics Reefer Rewards

Earn Points

Earn points on all purchases you make online & in store! 5 Points for every $1 you spend.*

Redeem Points

Redeem points on livestock and aquarium supplies! Get up to 5% back on all purchases you make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Earning Points

How do I sign up?

Just make an account on the website to start earning.

Do my points expire?

Yes your points will expire approximately 1 year after earned.

What products do I earn points on?

Earn 5 points for every $1 you spend on Livestock and Aquarium Supplies, except on the following MAP brand items:

AquariumPlants/CarbonDoser, Aquatec Eco-Systems, Aquatic Life, ATI Lighting (Clear Choice), AutoAqua, Bob Smith Industries, Cepex, Coralvue, Current USA, D-D The Aquarium Solution, Easy Reefs, Ecotech Marine, Fiji Cube, Flipper, Focustronic, G.A. Murdock, Georg Fischer, GHL, Giesemann, Gryphon, Hanna Instruments, HM Digital, hW Wiegandt, Hydor, IceCap, Innovative Marine, Instant Ocean, Iwaki, JBJ, Kamoer, Kessil, Klir, Kuri-Tec, Korallen-Zucht, Mag-Float, MarcoRocks, Maxspect, Mr. Aqua, Mur-lok, Neptune Systems, Nyos, Ocean Nutrition, Oceans Wonders, Orphek, Oxo, Ozotech, Pentair, PolypLab, Radium, Red Sea, Reef Breeders, Reef Brite, Reef Chili, Reef Nutrition, Reef Octopus, Seneye, Sicce, Spears, Theiling, Trigger Systems, Triton, Tropic Marin, Tunze, Ultra Reef, Waterbox & XP Aqua.

How do I redeem?

Just click the trophy icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.