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About Top Shelf Aquatics

Learn About Central Florida’s Premier Saltwater Aquatics & Aquarium Supply Store

Who is Top Shelf Aquatics?

Top Shelf Aquatics is your one-stop shop for all things aquatic, including rare live coralsfish and other aquarium supply items. We understand the importance of providing enthusiasts like you with sustainable aquaculture so you can feel confident that you’re receiving the highest-quality live coral, fish and dry goods the industry has to offer every time you shop with us. 

But how do we ensure this level of quality? We farm all of our own corals with experienced marine biologists on-site each day. Plus, you can come take a tour of our farm and see for yourself just how it’s done.

Over a decade ago, we opened Top Shelf Aquatics for all who are passionate about live coral and other aquatic life — from beginners to seasoned collectors, it’s our mission to provide an experience every customer can count on time and time again as you build your coral collection.  We know how frustrating it is to receive an order with pests, get a DOA shipment or receive products that don’t match what you saw online. That’s why we promise our customers shipping they can trust, an arrive-alive guarantee and an accurate, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) shopping experience.

Two Convenient Ways to Shop

We offer two easy and convenient ways to shop all things corals, fish and other aquarium supply items. Easily add to your collection by shopping online or in-store whenever it’s convenient for you.

Elevate Your Aquarium with a Top Shelf Experience

Whether you’re just starting your aquarium or expanding a growing collection, we’re here to ensure you always have a seamless Top Shelf Aquatics experience. Here’s what you can expect when you shop with us, both online and in person:

  • Healthy, Aquarium-Ready Fish & Coral

  • Fast Shipping + Free with orders over $349

  • Arrive-Alive Guarantee

  • Highest Quality Brands on the Market

  • Expert CustomerService Team