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API Reef Master Test Kit

API  |  SKU: 677492G  |  Barcode: 317163134023


The API® REEF MASTER TEST KIT test 4 key parameters – calcium, carbonate hardness(alkalinity/kh), phosphate, and nitrate – to keep reef inhabitants healthy. Testing is fast, easy, and accurate, yielding precise results, and comes with 4 test tubes and a convenient holding tub for easy, reusable storage. This kit also includes a complete, step-by-step instructional booklet with a color chart that provides information on how to correct unsafe water conditions.

We recommend that you take a few minutes each week to monitor your aquarium conditions and create a better underwater world for your fish. Testing your aquarium water has never been so easy or accurate!


Contains 7 test solutions, easy-to-ready instructions, 4 test tubes and color chart


  • What is the difference between API SALTWATER MASTER TEST KIT and API REEF MASTER TEST KIT?

Both of these kits may be used in marine aquariums; however, the API SALTWATER MASTER TEST KIT will allow you to test for ammonia, high range pH, nitrite, and nitrate in your tank, while API REEF MASTER TEST KIT tests for calcium, carbonate hardness, phosphate, and nitrate – all of which need to be maintained at appropriate levels for a thriving reef aquarium.

  • How do I care for and clean my test tubes?

Once the test has completed, it is important to rinse the test tube with water right away so that the contents don’t stay in the test tube. This will make sure that the reagents don’t cause anything to stick to the sides of the test tube, which could cause staining over time.

Simply run the water, open the test tube gently (do not twist the cap), and allow the water to dilute and rinse the contents out of the test tube. Avoid getting the contents of the test tube on your skin.

If you find that you have forgotten reagent within your test tube for a long period and the color is sticking to the tube, you are able to use a small bottle brush (and some API Safe & Easy cleaning spray) to gently wash the inside of the tube. Avoid the use of soap, as soap residue could be introduced back into the aquarium when filling the test tube at next use, which is something that could be harmful to your fish.

Replacement test tubes are also available for purchase from online retailers, should you need additional test tubes.

  • How hard do I shake the test tube when performing the tests?

While it is important to shake the indicated reagent bottles very vigorously, you should be gentler when shaking the test tubes during testing. Before shaking, make sure that the cap is closed tight. Place a finger or thumb on top of the cap, to make sure it cannot come undone during use. The goal of this shaking step is to mix the contents of the tube together and this can be accomplished by simply inverting the test tube, back and forth every 1-2 seconds, for the indicated amount of time.

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