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Coral Care Series: Torches

Coral Care Series: Torches

Alex Dillard |

Your Guide to Caring For A Torch Coral

Torch Corals fall under the Genus Euphyllia and are considered a large polyp stony coral (LPS). A Torch Coral stands out from other Euphyllia species corals because of its circular tips that are visible at the end of their tentacles.

Once established in a healthy, stable marine environment, Torch Corals have the ability to produce new branches or heads fairly quickly, making them easy to propagate. 

Torch Coral Flow Preferences

This species of coral prefers moderate to high amounts of flow in comparison to other Euphyllia, such as Hammers or Frogspawns. The higher flow helps combat diseases, such as brown jelly disease, that are commonly seen in Euphyllia. 

It should be noted, however, that the flow should not be so strong that the tentacles retract into the coral's skeleton. Start the coral off in an area of low to moderate flow and slowly move it into a higher flow.

Lighting Recommendations

 The lighting requirements for these corals fall in a moderate range of par, between 125-200 micromole. After the Torch Coral has been properly acclimated to a higher range of light, it will experience more vibrant coloration. This takes time and patience but is well worth it. 

Water Parameters

Stable water parameters are always key with any coral. Our alkalinity ranges from 8-9 dKh, calcium 420-440 ppm and magnesium of 1300-1350. Nitrates should fall between 10 and 15 PPM and Phosphates should be less than 0.1 ppm. 

Feeding Tips

Torches can be “good eaters,” but you do not need to go out of your way to feed them directly because their long tentacles can easily grab food from the water column. 

Meaty foods such as PE Mysis, Fauna Marin LPS pellets and easily digestible powdered coral food such as Benefits provide an excellent source of nutrition for Torches.

TSA Torch Corals 

Torches are a great addition to the home reef aquarium. In fact, our TSA Holy Grail torch is a must-have for any reef hobbyist because its long tentacles create an amazing centerpiece full of vibrant color and movement. Shop our available torch corals now.