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Coral Care Series: Galaxea

Coral Care Series: Galaxea

Alex Dillard |


Galaxea Corals are a popular beginner LPS coral that is known for their hardiness and color combinations. The most common colors are green, blue, and purple, but Galaxea is also available in multicolored varieties, such as our Battlestar Galaxea.


These corals are notably versatile. Although they have adapted to various aquarium conditions, they are best kept in a consistent, stable reef environment. With that in mind, we suggest providing moderate flow and lighting to help them thrive. 


Due to the Galaxea's aggressive tendencies, be cautious of its placement within your aquarium. Galaxea can extend their sweeper tentacles from 2 to 12 inches and any coral in the surrounding area that comes into contact with these sweepers, will fall victim to their sting. 


Creating an island rock with various types of Galaxea, away from your other corals is a unique way to display your Galaxea collection while also ensuring the health and safety of neighboring coral. 


Although they are capable of capturing small food particles and absorbing dissolved organic materials from the water column, Galaxea receive the majority of their nutritional needs through Zooxanthellae. We use a slurry of powdered coral food such as benepets for target feeding, every couple of weeks.


Galaxea frags bought and sold in the aquarium trade are typically aquacultured - making them hardier and more easily kept by all levels of reef-keepers. With that being said, it is crucial to ensure that you are able to provide the proper environment in which a Galaxea needs to thrive before introducing one into your system.