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Reef Genetics Live Tisbe Pods (Tisbe biminiensis)

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TSA Sustainably Aquacultured Copepods 

Contains Over 500+ Aquacultured  Live Tisbe Pods


1 bottle is recommended for 25-50 gallons


Overarching  Benefits to TSA Aquacultured Copepods

  • Biologically- Active Live Feed: source of essential protein, lipids (ARA/EPA/DHA), vitamins, probiotics and enzymes.  
  • Small size: nauplii (10-20um) + adults (40-60um):


Can be consumed by the smallest mouth foraging fish (mandarin dragonet, scooter blenny, anthias etc.)


Can be consumed by corals (LPS, SPS, aphotosynthetic) as well as other finicky zooplankton feeders.

  • Harvested weekly and gut-loaded with lipid-rich phytoplankton 
  • Active consumers and recyclers of reef detritus 
  • Highly adaptable to reef tank conditions, will rapidly colonize refugiums 
  • Perfect for aquaculture and home breeding projects   


Seeding Instructions

  • Shut of pumps, powerheads, UV sterilizers and protein skimmers 10-20 minutes prior.
  • If possible, seed pods at night or when refugium/tank light is off.
  • Seed pods in designated refugium space or near rockwork–this will allow them to hide and reproduce. 
  • Dose system with TSA phytoplankton 1-3 times a week to accelerate pod colony growth
  • Macroalgae (Chaetomorpha, Gracilaria, Halymenia, Caulerpa, Ulva, Hypnea etc.) sustain and support pod populations long-term. 


Specific Pod Benefits: Tisbe biminiensis

  • Hides amongst substrate and in inner rockwork, making it somewhat resistant to grazing and increasing likelihood of successful colonizing reef tank. 
  • Faster reproduction rate at reef tank salinity (1.0263) than Tigriopus or Apocyclops.  
  • Prolific detritivore, capable of replacing tank waste with surplus pod population. 
  • Attractive “scoot-pep” locomotion fish cannot refuse 
  • Commonly used to aquaculture species such as the lined seahorse (Hippocampus erectus)  
  • Considered easiest substitute for Artemia nauplii  



TSA Standard Pod Bottles (8oz)

  • 500+ Adult Copepods/Nauplii
  • Great for single feedings
  • Suitable to seeding aquariums up to 40 Gallons
  • Great for starting a home copepod culture


TSA Jumbo Pod Bottles (32oz)

  • 1500+ Adult Copepods/Nauplii
  • More pods for less cost than buying individual 8oz bottles
  • More macroalgae
  • Great way to seed larger aquariums/refugiums
  • Add aeration and phytoplankton to jumpstart a home copepod culture!