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Flame Scallop


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SKU: P-1737
Flame Scallops are unique bivalves that can add a wonderful burst of color and texture to a reef aquarium! Similar to many commonly kept Tridacnid clams, Flame Scallops are well-known for their bright, red, feathery mantle. Although mainly sessile, Flame Scallops are still fully capable of traversing through the use of their shell and siphon to rapidly force water out of the body and propel them through the water. Flame Scallops, like many other bivalves, settle into a location in the home aquarium by forming small white strands known as byssal threads to attach to the rockwork or other aquarium surfaces. Similar to many other commonly kept filter feeders such as clams and feather dusters, Flame Scallops will thrive best in a mature reef with an abundance of microfauna in the water column, as well as supplemental feedings of phyto and zooplankton (e.g. Tetraselmis, Tisochrysis, and Rhodomonas).
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