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1" Flex-Series Random Flow Generator Nozzle - VCA

Vivid Creative Aquatics  |  SKU: 304971L


Increased durability. Exceptional Flexibility. Time-Trusted Design. 

  • Manufactured from Reef-Safe TPU, a rubber-like material
  • Extremely durable and flexible
  • Resistant to cracking or breaking
  • Easy to clean
  • Broader range of direct compatibility
  • Enhanced Randomized Flow
  • Higher throughput (5% - 10% increase)
  • Includes 1" threaded MPT fitting


The new RFG Flex series of VCA return nozzles have been constructed from strong and flexible Reef-Safe Thermoplastic Polyurethane, making them adaptable to a wider range of aquariums & modular hose designs. As most algae and biofilms can't adhere to the rubber-like material, the new RFG nozzles are extremely easy to clean with minimal effort.


The Flex Series maintains Vivid Creative Aquatics' revolutionary RFG design which uses fluid dynamics to randomly vary the intensity and direction of water flow as it exits the nozzle. A set of 5 spiraling fins channel the water in from one direction and then out of the nozzle a different direction. The small amount of interference at the base of the educator helps create a random change in the intake affecting the path of the flow exiting the nozzle, creating a more natural, randomized flow pattern in the aquarium.



  • Genuine 1" Loc-Line brand modular hoses
  • Most other modular hoses of similar size (1" - 1.14" or 25mm-29mm O.D.)
  • MPT Fitting compatible with standard threaded 1" bulkheads


Suggested Flow Rate per 1" RFG Nozzle

Minimum: 320-400 GPH

Optimal: 620-1000 GPH

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