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1/4" Flex-Series Ultimate Nano Return Line Upgrade Kit - VCA

Vivid Creative Aquatics  |  SKU: F696151


Transform the return line on your Nano tank in seconds!

Vivid Creative Aquatics has combined their 3D printed adapters and patented Random Flow Generator Nozzles with genuine Loc-Line parts to provide you with an easy-to-install upgrade kit for most Nano sized aquarium models.

  • Genuine LocLine fittings
  • 3D printed parts made from Reef-safe PETG plastic
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Durable and strong, rubber-like material
  • Compatible with broad list of aquariums (see list below)
  • Suggested minimum flow: 80-100 GPH
  • Optimal flow: 200-300+ GPH

VCA RFG (Random Flow Generator) Nozzle

Vivid Creative Aquatics revolutionary design uses a set of 5 fins in a spiraling design that channels the water in from one direction at the base of the eductor and then out of the nozzle a different direction. The small amount of interference at the base of the eductor helps create a random change in the intake affecting the flows path exiting the nozzle. The new Flex Series of RFG nozzles are constructed of extremely durable and flexible reef-safe TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), making them directly compatible with a wider range of aquariums and modular hose designs.

Broad Compatibility

The included adapters allow you to use this kit with a wide variety of aquariums. Compatible with all of the following:

  • Fluval 13.5 & Larger
  • Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Series
  • Waterbox Cube
  • Waterbox Peninsula Mini
  • Eshopps Deskmate Collection
  • BioCube
  • Aquatop
  • Aqua One
  • Most modular hose style connectors found on many nano aquarium systems

What's Included?

  • 2x 1/4" RFG (Random Flow Generator) Nozzles
  • 1x 1/2" to 1/4" Genuine Loc-Line Y Reducer Fitting
  • 4x Sections of Genuine 1/4" Loc-Line
  • 1x MHA2122050 Modular Hose Converter
  • 1x WB165050 16.5mm Flex Adapter
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