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1/4" Flex-Series Random Flow Generator Kit - VCA

Vivid Creative Aquatics  |  SKU: P639751


Easy Random Flow with No Moving Parts

  • Wide Variety of Compatible Aquariums (full list below)
  • Includes the Flex-Series Random Flow Generator Nozzle
  • Uses Genuine Loc-Line


Random and varied flow is something that every aquarist aims for, which is why the VCA Random Flow Generator Kit is so useful. In some cases, using a random flow nozzle can eliminate the need for additional powerheads in smaller aquariums all together. This kit includes two adapters, so it can be used with several nano aquariums without the need to purchase additional parts. For optimal performance, a flow rate of 100-130 GPH is recommended.


Made with a strong, extremely durable and flexible material, the RFG Flex Series won’t crack or break and has superior durability. It’s also extremely easy to clean, since most algae and bio films simply slide right off with minimal effort.

A 1/2" Random Flow Generator Flow Kit is also available.



Direct Fit (1/2" Loc-Line) Metric Pipe Adapter (Included) 16.5mm Flex Adapter (Included)
Fluval 13.5 & Larger Fluval Spec V/Evo Waterbox Cube
Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Series Reef Casa Waterbox Peninsula Mini
Any other aquariums using 1/2" Loc-Line Imagitarium Eshopps Deskmate Collection
Lifegard Aquatics



What's Included?

1/4" Flex-Series Random Flow Generator Nozzle

16.5mm Flex Adapter

13 & 20mm to 1/2 Flex Adapter

Genuine 1/2" to 1/4" Loc-Line reducer and 1/4" fittings

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