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Kanaplex Fish Treatment - 5 gm (0.2 oz) - Seachem

Seachem  |  SKU: 8261415


KanaPlex is a blended kanamycin based medication that safely and effectively treats several fungal, and bacterial fish diseases including dropsy, popeye, fin/tail rot, and septicemia. Because it is absorbed by fish it is useful in treating internal infections in those situations where food is refused. When used in a medicated food mix, it is an excellent option for treating bacterial infections in tanks that contain sensitive invertebrates.



  • Kanamycin based antibiotic medication
  • Easily absorbed through the skin
  • Treats fungal and bacteria diseases
  • Effective against dropsy, popeye, and fin rot
  • Easily absorbed through both skin and gills; ingestion not required
  • Does not adversely affect the filter bed and is easily removed with carbon


While disease treatment in a quarantine tank is always the preferred option, sometimes it may not be practical to catch a fish for treatment. Kanaplex can be safely dosed in the display aquarium if necessary. Always observe tank inhabitants carefully when treating, and be prepared to perform a water change and add fresh activated carbon if necessary. When the treatment period is over, KanaPlex can easily be removed using activated filter carbon. It does not linger in the substrate or filter media of the tank.

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