Green Slimer Acropora Coral

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SKU: RD8_J3_100423

Introducing the stunning Green Slimer Acropora Coral, a must-have for any reef aquarium enthusiast seeking to add vibrant color and dynamic growth to their marine setup. This exceptional piece is WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get, ensuring you receive the exact vibrant piece shown in the images. Each frag plug measures between 3/4" - 1", perfectly sized for seamless integration into your reef ecosystem.

Acropora corals, like the Green Slimer, are renowned for their fast growth rate and striking coloration, making them not only a visual centerpiece but also a fascinating species to observe as they evolve. This particular SPS coral variant is celebrated for its intense green color that can brighten up any reef tank, providing a stunning contrast against other corals.

Top Shelf Aquatics specializes in offering an exquisite selection of live corals, corals for sale, and premium aquacultured corals. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, each coral is carefully cultivated to ensure both the health of the coral and the marine environment.

Top Shelf Aquatics Recommended Feeds

  • We feed a mixture of Reef Genetics lab cultured phytoplankton, ensuring optimal health and coloration of our corals.
  • To promote exceptional growth and vitality, we also use Polyp Lab ReefRoids as part of our feeding regimen.
  • Additionally, Benepets is included in our diet plan to ensure a well-rounded nutritional profile for our corals.

All corals grown in our aquaculture facility are lit by Ecotech Marine Radion XR30’s and powered by a mix of Ecotech Marine Vortech Pumps and Sicce Wave Makers, ensuring an optimal environment for coral growth and health.

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