Copper QT Pre-seeded Siporax Pro Biomedia Bag - 500mL


SKU: 4651016097

Jump start and speed cycle your marine QT aquarium with our pre-seeded bagged bio media containing both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Use to effectively reduce your cycle period. Each bag of bio media is seeded in one of our aquaculture fish qt systems, maturing for a minimum of two months to supply you with an excellent base of various bacteria for nitrification and denitrification. Siporax, unlike other ceramic filter rings available on the market, consists of sintered glass to maximize the surface area. 500ml can stabilize up to 26.4 Gallons. Outer surface area: 0.3 m² per liter. Total effective surface area: 270 m² per liter Sera Siporax. Copper QT Pre-Seeded Siporax Pro Bio Media Bag must be put in aquarium water upon arrival to maintain its live benefits and should only be used in a fish quarantine and fish only aquarium where copper sulfate will be of no harm. DO NOT USE IN REEF AQUARIUM.


1 Mesh Bag w/ seeded Siporax

(6.5” x 3” x 3” Size)