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Zoanthid Coral Care Guide: Flowers of the Sea

Zoanthids, often referred to as Zoas, are a fantastic addition to your home aquarium build. These vibrant corals are not only visually appealing with their distinctive polyp shape and bright colors but also play a crucial role in your miniature ecosystem. Unlike other coral species, Zoanthids possess unique tendrils that release toxins, serving as a natural defense mechanism against small crustaceans. To ensure the long-term health of your tank, understanding the essentials of Zoanthid care is imperative.

Key Factors for Zoanthid Care

1. Water Flow: Zoanthids are remarkably resilient and can tolerate direct water flow, but they thrive in areas with indirect flow and a low-medium to medium-high flow rate.

2. Light: Zoanthids are energy-efficient and grow rapidly, making them prefer medium to high light conditions.

3. Water Chemistry: Maintaining water parameters akin to the ocean is crucial. Aim for a salinity level of 1.025 and slightly warmer temperatures around 78°F, with an overall pH of 8–8.4.

4. Location: Optimal placement for Zoanthids is in areas with ideal water flow and high light concentration, often found in the middle of the aquarium.

5. Feeding: Zoanthids are generally low-maintenance and don't require regular feeding. However, you can stimulate their growth by occasionally offering them small-particle food.

Safe Handling of Zoas As mentioned earlier, Zoas release a potent toxin into their environment, which is vital to consider in your Zoanthid care routine. While the toxin doesn't typically harm fish or invertebrates when submerged in water, it can be dangerous if mishandled. Palytoxin poisoning can lead to severe symptoms like headaches, fever, hives, and respiratory distress. To ensure your safety and the well-being of your tank:

  • Never handle Zoanthids above water.
  • Always wear protective gloves when dealing with them to prevent toxin exposure through the air or skin.

At Top Shelf Aquatics, we believe that even novice aquarium enthusiasts can enjoy Zoanthids. We offer an exceptional selection of Zoas, cultivated to ensure a smooth transition into your tank. Our team of aquarium experts is ready to assist you in understanding Zoanthid coral care and address any queries you may have. Start your Zoanthid journey with us today!