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Chalice Coral Care Guide: Unlock the Secrets of Chalice Care

Chalice corals encompass a diverse range of genera, including echinophyllia, echinopora, oxypora, and mycedium, making them a versatile and captivating category for reef enthusiasts. These large polyp stony corals showcase a stunning spectrum of colors and patterns, earning their spot as a favorite among aquarists.

To ensure the health and vibrancy of your Chalice corals, here are essential care tips tailored to their specific needs:

1. Optimal Lighting: Chalice corals thrive in low-light conditions. Maintain a light intensity of 50 to 100 PAR to replicate their natural habitat.

2. Water Flow: Maintain light to moderate water flow to prevent debris from settling on your coral. Some Chalice corals form a bowl shape that can trap debris, so strike a balance to avoid disturbing their tissue.

3. Feeding: Chalice corals benefit from a combination of photosynthesis and feeding. Many Chalice species are nocturnal feeders, so experimentation with different foods may be necessary. Providing meatier foods can accelerate their growth.

4. Water Chemistry: Ensure stable levels of calcium, dKH, and magnesium, as well as lower levels of phosphate and nitrate, which are essential for Chalice corals, like all LPS corals.

5. Water Quality: Chalice corals thrive in nutrient-rich waters, so don't aim for an excessively clean tank environment.

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