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XR15 High Intensity Lens Kit - Ecotech Marine

EcoTech Marine  |  SKU: 253740



The NEW High-Intensity Lens Kit allows you to focus the output of Gen5 or Gen6 Radion LED light and achieve higher PAR values over a smaller coverage area. These narrow-angle optics replace the stock HEI optics on your Radion and are best used over deeper aquariums or to accommodate higher mounting situations. The lens kit takes just a few minutes to install and is available for the XR30 and XR15 fixtures. 


High-Intensity Lens Kit for EcoTech Marine Radion

Why do I need a new lens kit for my Radion?

You probably don't. The stock HEI optics were specifically designed to accommodate a majority of home aquarists. The new High-Intensity Lens Kit is a special use case accessory designed to accommodate larger aquariums and aquaculture facilities where higher mounting heights are typical. It also works great over deep aquariums (>30") with light-hungry corals that require higher PAR levels to penetrate deeper into the water column. 

Optimize Your Radion: The Right Lens Kit for Every Aquarium

  • Ideal for Deep Aquariums or High Radion Mounting
  • Higher PAR, Narrower Focus
  • Compatible with G5 and G6 Radions


The EcoTech Radion High Intensity Kit is a valuable accessory designed to alter the light output and focus of your Radion LED fixture. This kit includes a single lens that narrows the output angle of your Radion XR15, providing higher PAR (intensity) in a reduced total coverage area (spread).


Who Benefits from this Lens Kit?

The Radion High Intensity Lens Kit is not for every aquarium; it's a specialized tool. If you have a deep tank, penetrating its entire depth with appropriate light intensity can be challenging. This lens kit is designed to focus and direct light downwards, ensuring that every corner of your deep tank is illuminated, promoting the health and growth of your coral.

For those who prefer or require their EcoTech Radion to be mounted higher than usual, this lens kit ensures that the increased distance doesn’t dilute the light’s impact. It’s perfect for minimizing light spill and maximizing light penetration.


Reduction of Light Output Angle: The High Intensity Lens focuses light output, increasing intensity in a smaller area and reducing light spillage in some applications. Total coverage area (spread) is reduced.

Increased PAR Values: By concentrating the light, the High Intensity Lens increases the potential PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) value, which is essential for the growth and photosynthesis of corals and other light-dependent organisms.

Evolved Caustics: The High Intensity Lens features various finishes that enhance the intensity of caustics and “shimmer” of the light output.


Easy Installation

Installing the High Intensity Lens Kit takes only a few minutes using some basic hand tools. Installation videos for both G5 and G6 light fixtures are available at the link below. Note that an XR30 is used for demonstration purposes, but the process is the same for installing the High Intensity Lens Kit on a Radion XR15.


G5 Installation Video

G6 Installation Video



What's Included?

XR15 High Intensity Lens

Necessary Hardware

Installation Guide

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