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Berghia Nudibranch - Aiptasia Destroyers! (XL)


State Certified Aquaculture Facility



Berghia nudibranchs are a great addition for getting rid of pesky aiptasia anemones. Though small in size, these specialist predators’ diet consists strictly of aiptasia, in the wild. These otherwise harmless nudibranchs can quickly and effectively take care of even the worst infestations without damaging the corals in your reef. Berghia tend to do best in tanks with lower to moderate flow with plenty of rock structure to avoid potential predators. These nudibranchs will thrive in small colonies and we recommend introducing them in groups to increase their efficiency and effectiveness at eliminating aiptasia.


  • 1/2’’-1’’ in Length 
  • Capable of consuming 2-5 aiptasia per day
  • Capable of producing egg sacs (200-500 eggs) every 14 days. 
  • One XL Berghia recommended per 30 gallons of aquarium water 
  • Minimum order 3 recommended


***Please note that some wrasses, carnivorous shrimp, and filefish may pick at berghia nudibranchs or their eggs.

low light

low flow
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