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Aquarium Maintenance

Are you worried about the maintenance that comes along with caring for your aquarium? Worry not — we offer two maintenance packages you can take advantage of, so you never have to worry about a dirty or unbalanced aquarium. Our maintenance professionals will ensure your aquarium stays in tip-top shape so your fish or coral can thrive.

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Packages

We offer two maintenance packages, one that includes weekly visits (52 per year) that are all-inclusive, providing all necessary maintenance for your specific aquarium’s needs, other than feeding your fish or coral. Our secondary package includes bi-weekly visits (26 per year) with basic care that we suggest is supplemented with additional upkeep in-between our visits.

Maintenance Done For You

As a part of both maintenance packages, if you decide you want to add new fish or coral to your aquarium or need to pick up additional supplies, you can do so from the comfort of your home. At your request, we’ll deliver new fish, corals, media, chemicals and/or equipment at your next scheduled maintenance appointment.

  • Earn Reefer Rewards Points

    Redeem points earned from maintenance on livestock on supplies

  • 10+ Years Maintaining Aquariums

    From nano tanks to large commercial projects we can tackle it all

  • Licensed and Insured

    We are a fully licensed an insured company so you can rest easy your project is covered