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Porcelain Anemone Crab


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Porcelain Anemone Crabs are very unique crustaceans that can make an interesting addition to reef aquariums housing a wide range of anemone species. These crabs have a commensal relationship with their anemone hosts, similarly to clownfish. In exchange for the anemone’s protection, the crabs offer the anemone cleaning and another source of food through their messy consumption of prey. Unlike many other commonly kept crabs, Porcelain Anemone Crabs are primarily filter feeders and can often be seen waving their large, feathery setae around to capture particulate food out of the water column, making up the majority of their diet. These crabs will also scavenge for any pieces of meaty foods when given the opportunity. Porcelain Anemone Crabs are reef safe and pose no danger to corals.
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