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LPS, or Large Polyp Stony corals are for many hobbyists the true jewels of the ocean. LPS come in many varieties of shapes, sizes and (most importantly) colors. LPS require medium lighting and medium flow and more importantly, they are great additions for beginners and experts alike. LPS are extremely popular in the hobby because they are easy to keep and can provide pops of colors without needing the stability that SPS would. Additionally, many types of LPS like torches, hammers and frogspawns can blossom into stunning colonies that flow with the current within your tanks. We strive to provide hundreds of options for you to choose from on any given day.

At Top Shelf Aquatics we believe that aquaculture is paramount. By growing these corals in our facility we are able to provide you with the highest quality specimens possible, ensuring they grow and reproduce faster and better for you. Rest easy knowing that we farm the vast majority of corals provided on our site and have been doing so for years now. If you ever have any questions or concerns our team of expert aquarists are here to help!