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Sample BYR Items

Choose from 200+ items, with new ones added monthly!

Livestock, Packs, Supplies, Live Food, TSA Merch, & Mystery Items

  • 🌕 550 Credits

  • 🌕 3275 Credits

  • 🌕 1350 Credits

  • 🌕 1650 Credits

  • 🌕 100 Credits

  • 🌕 125 Credits

  • 🌕 1650 Credits

  • Mystery Smooth Skin 3 Pack - BYR - Build Your Reef

    🌕 710 Credits

  • Mystery Favia 3 Pack - BYR - Build Your Reef

    🌕 510 Credits

  • 🌕 125 Credits

  • 🌕 125 Credits

  • 🌕 880 Credits

  • JF TNT Anacropora Coral

    🌕 350 Credits

  • 🌕 280 Credits

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Use BYR Credits to choose your own items. You can even use credits for shipping and you can buy additional credits at anytime.





Build Your Reef F.A.Q.

Do my credits expire?

BYR (Build Your Reef) credits remain active for as long as your membership is active. Just a reminder credits will expire 14 days after membership closure or non payment.

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course! You can cancel your membership by emailing us or giving us a call. Please remember that any remaining credits will expire 14 days after the cancellation of your membership. There are no refunds on already purchased subscriptions

Can I combine my BYR order with other TSA items?

Absolutely! You can combine your BYR (Build Your Reef) order with other TSA orders if you have an existing unfulfilled order with us. This option is free of additional shipping. Just a reminder, please ensure that you have paid for shipping on your existing order or have met the free shipping threshold on the existing unfulfilled order.

How much is shipping?

Shipping options vary: you can use your credits for a highly discounted rate, or without credits, it's $29.99 for Florida customers and $34.99 for out-of-state. Also, if your order contains non BYR products, our free shipping rules will apply. Plus, remember, if you have an existing order with TSA, combining your BYR order won't cost you anything extra

What if a livestock item is DOA?

We understand the importance of your livestock order. In the event of any issues, simply fill out our DOA request form. Upon submission, we will credit you 100% of the value in BYR credits for your next order. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Can I buy additional credits?

Yes, you can purchase additional credits if needed. Remember to place your order first for the credit so you can then purchase the item that is requiring extra credits. This ensures our system updates your account accurately with the purchased credits. Your convenience is our priority.

Can I use all my points at once?

Absolutely! You can use all your points at once. Enjoy the flexibility to use your points as you wish.

Can I pick when my order is shipped?

Absolutely! You have the option to select your preferred shipping day during checkout. Please note that this is on a first-come, first-served basis. Enjoy the convenience of choosing a shipping day that works best for you.

Do I get reward points with my membership?

Thank you for your inquiry. As our members already benefit from substantial discounts, we do not offer reward points with memberships. We focus on providing you with the best possible savings upfront.

Can I gift someone a membership?

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, our membership is a recurring subscription, so we do not offer gifting options at this time. We appreciate your understanding.

Can I transfer credits to other accounts?

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to transfer credits to other accounts at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.