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Mystery Smooth Skin 3 Pack

$12999 $21999

medium light

medium flow

Dive into the mesmerizing world of smooth skin acroporas with our specially crafted Mystery Smooth Skin Acropora Frag Pack. Perfect for marine hobbyists and coral enthusiasts, this pack showcases a breathtaking variety of acropora corals, celebrated for their vibrant colors and unique growth forms.


What's Inside?

Unveil the surprise as you receive 3 out of these 9 stunning smooth skin acropora variants, each hand-picked for their exceptional beauty and health:

(All the frags are grown in house in our aquaculture farm)


  1. TSA The Riddler Acropora
  2. TSA Neon Nectar Acropora 
  3. Banana Lokani Acropora 
  4. ORA Hawkins Echinata Acropora
  5. TSA Starlord Acropora
  6. TSA Golden Honeycomb Acropora
  7. TSA Green Dragon Acropora
  8. TSA Pacman Acropora
  9. OG Red Dragon Acropora
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