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Reef Octopus Universal CO2 Scrubber



Reduce CO2 in an Aquarium With Reef Octopus Universal CO2 Scrubber

The Reef Octopus CO2 Scrubber is a universal reactor that will help control pH levels in a reef tank. The ideal pH level for a reef aquarium should be around 8.3 for optimal coral growth. If an aquarium suffers from chronically low pH or it is challenging to keep pH within the desired range, connecting a Reef Octopus CO2 Scrubber to the air intake of a protein skimmer is a great solution to increasing and maintaining the tank's pH levels.


  • Supports stable pH water levels
  • Dual valve control outlets
  • Durable acrylic construction
  • A sealed, airtight environment preserves solution potency
  • Compact profile easily fits under your tank
  • Input and output union connections
  • Barbed intake for optional recirculation setup

Technical Data

Product Diameter Footprint Height Inlet Size Outlet Size Reactor Capacity
RO-C2T-90 3.5in 6.7x5.2in 17in .66in .47in .26 US Gal