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Live Rotifers – TSA Aquacultured



Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Versatile Live Feed

  • Small size (40um to 100um).  
  • Moves in an attractive whirling motion.
  • Swims in the water column, always available to predators. 
  • Suitable for feeding larval fish/inverts and corals, including difficult non-photosynthetic species. 

Gut-Loaded with Microalgal Nutrition

  • TSA rotifers are fed a diet of premium live microalgae (greenwater), increasing their nutritional profile. 
  • Enriched with essential Golden Fats (EPA & DHA). 
  • Contains probiotics and enzymes to enhance digestion.     

Micro-Clean up Crew

  • Graze on excess organics, microalgae, bacteria and ciliates in the water column. 
  • Convert pest microorganisms into sustainable reef nutrition.  
  • Perfect for stocking into a Refugium. 

Perfect Starter for Home Rotifer Cultures

  • Each bottle contains egg-bearing females and can be used to inoculate a home rotifer culture.
  • Home rotifer cultures can be sustained for weeks/months offering multiple feeding opportunities and supporting aquaculture/breeding projects. 
  • Home rotifer cultures crash. TSA rotifer bottles are an inexpensive, convenient way to quickly get back up and rolling!