Custom Rock Structure 7 – Innovative Marine,Water Box – By Kevin Burda

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Width: 11.25 Inches Height: 9.5 Inches Length: 13 Inches Our marine aquaecapes are hand built and sculpted from cherry picked premium marco rocks. No two structures are the same, offering you a piece of truly unique art to add as the core of your marine aquarium aquascape. These can be used for fish only but are made specifically with reef tanks in mind. Incorporating a clean negative space look, leaving plenty of swimming space, mounting places for coral, multiple planes of light, hiding places for fish, and maintaining an open clean sand bed. 

Fits Preferred Tanks:

Innovative Marine 25 Gallon Lagoon Innovative Marine 40 Gallon Innovative Marine 50 Gallon Lagoon Water Box 20 Gallon Cube Water Box 15 Gallon Peninsula Water Box 25 Gallon Peninsula

Add ons:

Add ons are a separate purchase.

  • Repair Kit – Tube of glue, bag of rock powder sand, small bottle of glue accelerator
  • Island Rocks – Small half flat pieces for mounting corals on sand or open areas. Ideal for coral species gardens or isolating aggressive pieces. $10/lb
  • Coral mount rubble – You will be provided with a bag of small pieces, for attaching frags. These can then be affixed to the main structure. This allows the coral time to settle in for observation, and be moved without chipping off the main rock structure to assure ideal long term positioning for each piece
  • Epoxy – Tube of epoxy for mounting frags and or coral mount rubble
  • Bio Media
  • Rock Dust Jar
  • Coralline Algae
  • Pods
  • Mature Live Rock Rubble

Sizing Info:

We have listed the max outer dimensions for each rock structure along with common aquariums they will fit well in. Selecting the ideal rock size should be based on the space you will need to accommodate the structure, space to clean and work in the tank, and room for coral to fill in open spaces. For example, encrusting coral dominant tanks will work with rock that fill more space versus one that would be stocked with space or structure building coral such as euphyllia and acropora. We strongly recommend using a type of bio media in the sump or filter to support extra stability and handle larger bio-loads and feeding.

Custom Rock Order Info:

We also offer customers the option to order a completely custom aquascape sculpture based on the customers needs, wants, and style preferences. This creates an ideal design to accommodate your coral preferences, fish stocking plans, spacing, overflow placement, water flow plans, lighting and much more. We also offer crates with freight options for much larger structures as we have shipped aquascapes for tanks over 1000 gallons all over the continental United States. Contact us for more information, artist requests, and pricing estimates.

Shipping Costs:

All shipping is through ground only. Rock structure shipments take 1 to 2 business days to prepare for shipping. All rock structures are encased in expanding foam in oversized boxes in order to prevent damage during shipping. Rock structure repair kits are highly recommended for any repairs that may be needed between the removal process and transfer to your tank.


Due to the handling during shipping of these fragile rock sculptures via fedex, the customer acknowledges that there is a chance that there may be minor damage that will require basic repairs. Top Shelf customer service can walk you through the simple repair process if necessary. We also recommend the customer purchases a repair kit in case of this event, which can also be used for mounting corals or adding anything to the structure once the tank is ready.

Unboxing Instructions:

We recommend that the customer cut open the box, remove the side walls, and use a serrated knife to cut the packing foam out in chunks to avoid hooking on the rock when pulling the packaging apart. This will greatly reduce the risk of damage during unboxing as the foam is molded in and around the rock, including smaller branches and extensions. 

Artist Info:

Kevin Burda:

About the artist – Kevin Burda, one of the owners at Top Shelf Aquatics and current two time aquashella saltwater aquascape champion, has been building custom aquascapes as a hobby for well over a decade. These projects range from nano tanks, specialty fish only, and massive reef display tanks. You may have seen his work on Ryan from BRS’s home dream tank build, Paul Cuffaro’s Red Sea Reef, American Reef Channel, Reefbum and many more. Kevin has built hundreds of aquscapes, using various rock types, spread all over the continental United States. His signature style tends to gravitate towards bonsai inspired negative space aquascapes using Marco Rocks, accenting open spaces, floating arms and overhangs, also incorporating hidden caves and hiding places for fish health and comfort long term that are typically missing in most minimalist aquascaping. A true perfectionist and master of his craft, you can be sure that you will receive a truly unique and well thought out piece, perfect for your aquarium. Click the link for a summary portfolio and contact us for custom project quotes at [email protected]