Blade Coral GLOW LED Light Fixture – 39″ – SL39AT – Aqua Illumination



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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Extremely Versatile Mounting, Spectrum, and Sizing Options.. Aquarium Lighting, Your Way!

  • Available in 7 different sizes from 12 to 66 inches
  • Balanced spectrum optimized for coral fluorescence
  • Mounting solutions for every tank need
  • Cluster group LED diodes with 95 degree spread
  • EdgeFieldTM Optics with even PAR and smooth color mixing
  • Minimal shadowing and natural shimmer
  • Great alone, stacked in parallel, or as supplemental fill lighting
  • IP66 Water Resistance
  • Passive, noiseless cooling
  • Smart control via myAI or Mobius apps
  • Low profile Tank Rest or Mounting Clips included

Color Your Way

This is not your normal LED strip, by any means! Incorporating proprietary EdgeFieldTM Optics, The Blade enhances color and efficiency while delivering uniform PAR, smooth color mixing, amazing 95 degree spread, and a realistic shimmer effect in your aquarium. The light may wrap around high spots in your tank thanks to the broad angle and modular cluster LEDs, which reduces shadowing and creates a clean illumination. Shadows are eliminated and the light distribution is equal, equivalent to standard T5 lights, but with more efficiency and at a fraction of the price when 3 or more Blade strips are combined! In order to improve light coverage and lessen hotspots, you may also utilize the Blade in conjunction with any existing lighting fixtures as auxiliary or fill lighting.

The LED mix used in the Coral Glow model enhances the spectral peaks in the lower blue and upper UV ranges, which highlight coral fluorescence. It’s perfect for adding extra “pop” to your aquarium’s lighting system or for combining with a Blade Grow to make your aquarium truly sparkle. Although a ratio of 1:2 Glow to Grow is ideal for achieving peak performance, one of each is totally appropriate when less light is required.

Approximately one light cluster group is included in each AI Blade LED Strip for every foot of fixture length. The remarkable balance and shimmer that the Blade platform produces is a result of tight grouping and well-placed diodes. Each cluster group of 24 diodes in the Blade Coral Glow consists of the following diodes:

  • 12x Royal Blue
  • 6x 430nm
  • 3x 415nm
  • 3x 405nm

Mount Your Way

The AI Blade is designed for a myriad of mounting solutions to satisfy any system. Choose from a Tank Rest, Elevated Tank Rest, Hanging Kit, Hybrid Mount, or HMS Adapter Arm to find the perfect mounting solution for your set up.

  • Tank Rest: This low-profile attachment, which is included with all Blade lights up to 39 inches in length, extends up to 4.5 inches on each side of the fixture and lays right on top of your tank.
  • All Blade lights above 39″ come with mounting clips; these clips work with the AI HMS Single Arm Mount and HMS Hanging Kit rails.
  • An elegant and reliable tank mount for both rimmed and rimless tanks, the Elevated Tank Rest. Compared to the regular Tank Rest, the Elevated Tank Rest spreads the light more widely and makes it simpler to enter the aquarium.
  • Hanging Kit – The Hanging Kit, which is made of premium brushed aluminum and has a black finish, offers a stylish way to hang your Blade above your aquarium. Additionally, you may place 3, 4, or 6 light bars in parallel with the Hanging Kit for greater coverage and more streamlined looks.
  • Hybrid Mount – a mounting system created to join Blade strips with a single AquaIllumination Hydra pendant light or an array of EcoTech Radion pendant lights. The finest of all possible worlds together!
  • Custom Mounting – If none of the above mounting options suit your fancy, the Blade also includes M8 mounting threads at each end, enabling you to easily create a custom mount with endless possibilities.

Control Your Way

Through the MyAi or Mobius apps for iOS and Android smartphones, the Blade LED may be wirelessly controlled. You may adjust the spectrum strength and create individual schedules for each light using the app, or you can just choose from one of the preset in-app themes. On Google Play and the App Store, both applications are available for no cost download. Additionally, each Blade LED has internal controls for switching between spectrums.


  • Dimensions: 2.8″ W x 0.7″ H; available in 12.1″, 21.1″, 30.1″, 39.1″, 48.1″, 57.1″, 66.1″ lengths*
  • LEDs (per cluster): 12x Royal Blue, 6x 430nm, 3x 415nm, 3x 405nm
  • Power Consumption: 20-140W at full power (model dependent)
  • Universal Input Range: 100-240V AC / 50-60Hz
  • Cable Length: 9.8′ (3m)
  • PSU Regulatory Compliance: UL, CE, & RoHS
  • Water Resistance: IP66 Rated

*tank rest adds up to 9 additional inches in length

What’s Included?

1x AI Blade Coral Glow

1x Power Adapter

1x Blade Tank Rest Mounting Solution (included with fixtures up to 39″) or 2x Blade Mounting Clips (included with fixtures over 39″)