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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Features and Benefits

  • Continuously checks the light intensity in your tank.
  • Measuring PAR which is the illumination that corals and plants use
  • Prevents corals from dying out
  • contains the forthcoming Advanced Sensors Module (ASM)
  • Real Reef Rock aquarium’s aquarium’s PAR monitor is well-concealed.
  • Adapt your illumination to your aquarium’s requirements.

Monitoring The Light Intensity In Your Tank Continuously.

You can track and record the lighting conditions in your aquarium every single day using the PAR Monitoring kit! The ideal device for fine-tuning your tank’s illumination. You may now change your lights with assurance, knowing that your corals and plants won’t receive too much or too little light.

Stop Corals From Burning Out!

Once the light level exceeds a certain point, the human eye loses its ability to detect changes in light intensity in particular portions of the spectrum. This too frequently leads to consumers adjusting their LED lights much over the recommended PAR level for their corals or plants. Typically, this leads in mortality, bleaching, and/or burning. You may change your lights while keeping track of how each light source affects your corals and plants throughout the day with the PMK. Moreover, not all corals are the same. The range of light intensity that each form of coral prefers determines whether it is content or not.

Real Reef Rock Serves as a Rugged Sensor’s Cover.

We just don’t want to see the sensors and probes in our tanks, which is excellent! Because of this, we typically place them in the sump below. This is not possible. Since we were aware of this, we asked the staff at Real Reef Rock to create a special piece of rock to cover the sensor in your tank. Now, you can continuously monitor the light without ever seeing the sensor!

Measures The Light That Corals and Plants Use, or Actual PAR.

Actual PAR is measured by Apex and PMK. Photosynthetically Active Radiation is referred to as PAR. The zooxanthellae algae that inhabits your corals is able to utilise this light, which ranges in wavelength from 400 to 700 nanometers, for photosynthesis. Other metrics, like LUX, which only account for light that is visible to the human eye, are completely useless.

Continuous Light Monitoring

Monitor the changes in your light levels. You may track and log PAR with the PMK around-the-clock. Now it’s simple to check back and see how you used your lights the previous week. Even better, you may compare your daily light output to that of other PMK users, and then compare LED settings and lighting schedules.

No More Speculating!

You will receive a bonus if you use the Apex to regulate your lighting. The lighting wizard in Apex Fusion overlays the light wizard graph with the light level for the previous day. Up until now, you’ve essentially got to wing it when it comes to modifications. Now, you can quickly adjust the lighting and view the results of those adjustments in a single straightforward interface!This is one important reason to start managing your lighting with the Apex if you haven’t previously. There are several options for Apex Ready lights. Some wireless lights from manufacturers like AquaIlluminations and EcoTech Marine even have their own Apex control modules. (AWM and WXM).

Consists Of The Most Recent Advanced Sensors (ASM) Module!

This new module, about which more details will be made available later, enables hundreds of various types of existing third-party sensors and upcoming Neptune Systems to be linked to your Apex and have their data stored.

Kit Includes:

ASM – Advanced Sensors Module
NPS – Neptune PAR Sensor
Real Reef Rock
6′ AquaBus Cable