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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


NEPTUNE SYSTEMS – Apex A3 System-Dry Goods

A successful aquarium is one that is supervised by Apex! Introducing the innovative new Apex controller A3 Series. Apex provides a solution for every aquarium level, from the Jr. to the Pro. Monitoring and Control Solutions for Every Aquarist with the A3 Series Apex Controllers!
Ultimate control for any serious control freak. Core control and everyday monitoring. Monitoring for all, control ready.
For the discriminating aquarist, our A3 Apex Pro System provides the most comprehensive experience of monitoring and control. For the average aquarist, the A3 Apex System provides control with scaled-back monitoring and space for expansion.
The A3 Apex Jr.

The A3 Apex Jr. is the first monitoring-only option that precisely tracks your needs before opening the door to control for all aquarists when it’s time.


Apex PRO Apex Apex Jr
I want to monitor my aquarium at any time from any device. Check Check Check
I want to monitor critical parameters, like temperature, to protect my tank. Check Check Check
I want to be alerted by text, SMS or email when parameters are out of spec. Check Check Check
I want to know if power of Wi-Fi connection is lost to my aquarium. Check Check Check
I want to be alerted to a possible overflow or leak in or around my aquarium. Check Check Check
I want to be able to automate equipment to respond to parameter changes or emergency situations. Check Check
I want to know that my equipment is operating efficiently and correctly. Check Check
I want to know the relative cleanliness of my aquarium water. Check
I want to remotely check the exact water depth in my sump and reservoir. Check
I want to be able to easily connect other Apex-ready switch boxes and devices. Check
I want to be notified or control action based on water above or below a certain level. Check Check Check

Check Included   Check Sold separately


When feasible, we advise using a wired network connection for your Apex or Apex Pro, but if that is not possible, your Apex or Apex Pro may be linked to WiFi just well.
Therefore, we put in numerous man hours to create an amazing 802.11g/n Wi-Fi connection for this Apex that has dependability on par with a cable connection. Additionally, connecting to your home network is quite easy, and it only takes a few minutes to get set up and connected to the Apex Fusion cloud service.


Apex PRO Apex Apex Jr
Temperature Monitoring Check Check Check
pH Monitoring Check Check Check
ORP Monitoring Check
Salinity Monitoring Probe Available Separately
FMM Input Ports 4 3 2
Controllable Outlets 8 8
1LINK Outputs 3 3
DC 24V Outputs 2 2
Digital Inputs 6 6
Audible Alarm Buzzer Check Check Check
Wi-Fi Check Check Check
Hard-wired Ethernet Check Check
Liquid Level Monitoring Check
Leak Detection Optical Analog Analog
Variable Outputs (0-10V) 4
Optical Sensor Check Check
Expandable Check Check Check
Availability Now Now Soon
Temp probe

Temperature Probe

The health of your residents depends critically on maintaining a constant and steady temperature in the aquarium. It is important to continuously monitor the temperature, particularly when it varies throughout the day. For an aquarium to be successful, you must have a reliable temperature monitoring system that also warns you when temperatures are too high or too low.


pH Probe

Healthy coral in a reef aquarium depends heavily on maintaining a constant pH. All of the aquarium’s occupants experience less stress when the pH remains steady. Monitoring pH acts as a crucial early warning system to alert you to harmful chemical changes in addition to allowing you to tune in desired parameter stability.
pH Probe
ORP Probe

ORP Probe

Water purity is gauged by something called ORP, or oxidation reduction potential. The ORP level infers subtly that the beneficial bacteria in the aquarium might lessen toxins like nitrates and ammonia, among others. In the end, it is a measure of the electrical charge that is available to disintegrate these pollutants. Unexpected fluctuations in ORP are frequently indicative of harmful organic events occurring in the aquarium. The shift in ORP can serve as a crucial signal to look into or take action if a fish passes or if there is an abundance of food.

Optical Leak Sensor

An upgraded variant of the Solid-Surface Leak Sensor is the Optical Multi Surface Leak Sensor. (LD-2). Improvements include an epoxy construction that enables the sensor to be used frequently and an optical sensor that enables placement of the sensor on any surface—including metal and epoxied cement floors—without causing a false activation.
Optical Leak Sensor

Solid Surface Leak Sensor

When it comes to water on the floor, time is critical. Upon contact with liquid this sensor will communicate to your Apex to send an alert or trigger other actions. With a wire length of 5 meters (16.3ft) this sensor is a must have for placement inside and outside of your sump. Protect your aquarium and your home

Optical Sensor

Consider a clever float switch. Water above or below the sensor site is detected by the optical sensor. The Magnetic Optical Sensor now has a better appearance and feel. The rapid and simple mounting is made possible by the sealed enclosure, which keeps out water, and the magnetic mounting system.

NEPTUNE SYSTEMS – Apex A3 System-Dry Goods

Optical Sensor
Liquid Level Sensor

Liquid Level Sensor (LLS)

How much water have you put in? How much remaining solution? Up until recently, the only way to determine it was by taking a measurement. Aquarists now have a brand-new tool that is only available from Apex: the capacity to precisely assess water depth in inches or millimeters. There is a great length for water level monitoring in aquariums, reservoirs, and liquid containers, and it is available in four distinct sizes: 4′′, 15′′, 23′′, and 35′′. Utilize the LSS to advance level monitoring.


NEPTUNE SYSTEMS – Apex A3 System-Dry Goods