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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Better Than Ever With More Color, Spread, and Power.

Hydra lighting from Aqua Illumination has a new generation! Reef lighting for the Hydra 64 HD is now more effective and more aesthetically pleasing. The Hydra Lights have long been a mainstay in the reefing world. The new Hydra 64 HD Lights incorporate the same fantastic features and advantages with more effective technology, which ultimately provides superior light that is distributed throughout your aquarium.

  • Easy Control with the MyAI App
  • More LEDs
  • More PAR
  • More Spread
  • Improved Optic Design
  • Improved Water Resistance
  • Thinner Form Factor
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Dedicated Moonlight Channel
  • Wider Spectrum (more channels)


Better efficiency and improved aesthetics are two significant advantages of redesigning the polymers used in the Prime and Hydra product lines. Efficiency gains lessen the need for active cooling to maintain component life. There have been design changes that make the fixtures more streamlined and less noticeable above your aquarium.


While the new Prime and Hydras are not waterproof, design enhancements make them better capable of tackling the moisture-rich adventures of reef maintenance. Water resistance is a big advantage in aquarium lighting.


In the new Hydra 32HD and Hydra 64HD modules, a dedicated moonlight LED and channel have been introduced. This makes it possible for autonomous moonlighting that mimics the hue and brightness of the moon in its natural state.


The existing myAI® app, which is cost-free, easy to use, and extremely quick to a program allowing onsite direct BLE connectivity through your smart smartphone, will be used to control the lights.The new generation Prime and Hydras may eventually arrive with more control choices.

Optics and Output

The new lights increase output in terms of PAR, color mixing, and spread.The addition of additional LEDs produces a more concentrated full-spectrum light source with better efficiency. TIR lenses are used to modify the light’s output. More color POP, a somewhat larger output area, and a higher average PAR are the end results. Color separation is further diminished because to a combination of LED positioning and lens shape blending the light from the clusters.


  • Effective Spread: 30″ x 30″
  • Effective Depth: 24″
  • Recommended Mounting Height: 8-10″

The Hydra 64HD delivers more output with a higher average PAR than any other AI Module.

The HD functionality of HD AI, which allows a user to transfer power from one color channel that isn’t in use into another color channel, is a well-liked feature on the older HD fixtures. All the new HD lights still have this fascinating function, as shown by their new product names (Prime 16HD, Hydra 32HD, and 64HD).


The new version lights are compatible with the mounting gear that was previously offered for Hydra and Prime fixtures. The Hydra-Flex arm is the exception, which needs a separate light bracket because of how the new fixtures differ in size. The new fixings will alter the Flex arm bracket. A new light bracket is required for older flex arms being utilized to install the new lights.


  • Dimensions: 11.875″ L x 5.375″ W x 1.42″ H
  • LED Channels: 7(+1)
  • Number of LEDs: 64(+4)
  • Power Consumption: 135 watts
  • Optical Reflectors: TIR (total internal reflectors)

What’s Included?

1x Black Aqua Illumination Hydra HD 64 Light Fixture

1x Aqua Illumination Hydra HD 64 Power Supply