JF Psycho Rim Favia Coral

$4000 $9999

SKU: SOFT4_J1_101123

WYSIWYG – you will receive the exact piece shown. All frag plugs are 3/4" - 1" unless otherwise stated. Dive into the enchanting world of marine beauty with the JF Psycho Rim Favia Coral. This striking specimen is a must-have for any aquarium enthusiast looking to add a pop of color and intricate design to their underwater ecosystem. Favias are renowned for their vibrant hues and unique growth patterns, making them a captivating addition to any LPS coral collection.

Top Shelf Aquatics specializes in offering an extensive selection of live corals, including premium aquacultured corals. With a wide variety of corals for sale, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, sustainable options for reef aquariums of all sizes.

All corals grown in our aquaculture facility are lit by Ecotech Marine Radion XR30’s and powered by a mix of Ecotech Marine Vortech Pumps and Sicce Wave Makers.