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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


The enhanced Gen 2.1 automated filter roller’s adjustments and enhancements are all included in the Gen 3 Clarisea SK-5000, along with a ton of brand-new features that will make maintaining your aquarium even simpler. The new model has a drop-in fleece container, top rollers to guide the fleece, and a fleece removal tool for easy operation, as well as a pre-assembled filter body and quick-release silencer plates for simple installation and cleaning.

Water particles that would typically convert to nitrates and phosphates are automatically removed by ClariSea fleece filters. The SK-5000 Automatic Filter System is ideal for reef aquariums because it will leave your tank with sparkling clean water, which will help you boost lighting penetration, save maintenance, and have the best of all worlds, let you see your corals and fish with fewer particulates in the way.

Large-scale filtering capability
Low installation footprint
Eliminates the need for filter socks entirely
Several choices for installation
Unclean fleece advances automatically.
Clever device with multiple functions
Audible end-of-roll alert
Water level alert, float mistake, and filter jam
Fleece material devoid of phosphates
Special wool that doesn’t smell
Built-in fail-safe overflow
Plates with silencers for silent running
Passage device for water

*New Features Unique to Gen 3*

Ready-made torso
Improved engine
Silencer covers with a quick removal
Rollers on top with a wool guide
Insertable fleece container
Simple to clear design
Instrument for removing fleece

You may capture and efficiently remove debris and other foreign particles from your water without ever changing a filter sock again by letting the water from your aquariums to overflow into the ClariSea. The ClariSea uses a sensor to detect when the fleece is beginning to clog and advances the fleece automatically so that clean fleece can collect more particles. The frequency of maintenance will depend on the particulars of your aquarium, but it just takes a minute to remove the old fleece rolls.



Recommended Flow Rate – 1300 GPH

Footprint – 9″ x 10.1″

Height – 18″

Minimum Submersion Depth – 2″

Maximum Submersion Depth – 8″

Hang-On Bracket Height Adjustment – up to 5.5″

Inlet Connection – 32mm / 40mm / 1” (Slip fit socket needed for 40mm connection)

Fleece Length – 137 feet

Fleece Width – 6″

Fleece Micron Rating – 20 micron


What’s Included?

1x ClariSea Gen3 SK-5000 Filter System

1x SK-5000 Fleece Roll

1x Float Level Sensor

1x Smart Controller

Assembly Instructions


Clarisea Gen3 Quick Start Guide


Mounting & Installation Options:

Hang it on the majority of drain backs, fronts, or sides.
Freestanding on the bottom of a small drain with a 200mm or lower water level.
Freestanding it in lower sump areas on a crate or rack.
Give it food either from the front or the rear.
Water can be fed in from the top, the side, or at an inclination.
Use a water tap to supply it


Smart Controller Functions

Buttons & Indicators

Pushing this will manually advance the fleece motor.

Pressing the alarm button for one to two seconds will silence the audio alarm, but the alarm state will still exist.

Red LED is still glowing, meaning that the fleece’s disabled motor button will still advance the fleece manually.

Pressing the alarm button for more than five seconds causes the alert status to be entirely cleared.

Reset is carried out as before when the power is cut off.

Normal Operation

Initialization (Power on or reset):

  • Blue/Red LED both flash for 5 times (audible alarm will sound with each flash)
  • Blue LED will remain on.

Motor Advance:

  • Manual or automatic, Blue LED flashes


Possible Alarm Conditions:

Possible roll jam/motor failure (float held in up position for more than 5 seconds)

  • Red alarm LED will flash
  • Audible alarm will sound for 2 seconds every 5 seconds
  • Automatic advance of fleece disabled.

Possible fleece empty (float not triggered within 8 hours)

  • Blue/Red LED both flashing, audible alarm will sound for 1 second every 2 seconds
  • Automatic advance of fleece disabled.

Possible installation error (float not triggered with 48 hours)

  • Red LED will flash at 10-second intervals (audible alarm will sound with each flash)
  • Automatic advance of fleece disabled.