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My Clementine Zoa – Cut to Order Frag


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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Price is per frag, 2-3 polyps

When checking out with this coral, please understand that there may be a wait time associated with the coral. We recommend selecting a shipping date a week away just in case.

Placement: Mount your new coral using IC gel glue, putty, or a combinations of both. Place the coral on a rock or ledge in a location that receives direct lighting and ample flow.

Feeding: Top Shelf Aquatics recommends feeding acropora corals with a combination of foods like Zooplanktons, Phytoplanktons, Amino Acids and other Organic Proteins . A daily broadcast feeding while return and circulations pumps are stopped will ensure the corals have the ability to consume the nutrients they require.

Lighting & Flow: We recommend a 18-20K color spectrum for best coloration.

Quick Guide:

Care Level: Easy
Lighting: Moderate
Water Flow: Moderate
Range: Indo-Pacific, TSA aqua-cultured in Florida
Water Conditions: 75-80° F; sg 1.025-1.026; pH 8.1-8.4, Ca 420-440 ppm, Alk 8-9.5 dKH, Mg 1300-1450, Nitrates <10ppm, Phosphates < .10ppm.