IceCap – Filter Lens Kit

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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Photo filters have been used for a long time by professional photographers, and now you can use them with your iPhone or Android smartphone. By changing the color of the filter you can trick your phone to not overcompensate for it, especially if you use the auto mode on the camera. Depending on your light source, you will want to use the 15K filter for the day-time shots, and the 20K filter under deep-blue or actinic lighting. In some cases stacking the 15K and 20K filter can produce stunning results, but can vary on your lights and camera.

  • Lenses can be stacked
  • Clips on in seconds
  • Sturdy & Secure
  • Includes wide-angle photo lens

What’s Included?

1x Camera Clip-On Attachment

1x HD Wide Angle Lens

1x 20K Filter Lens

1x 15K Filter Lens