HYDROS – DC Solenoid Valve


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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


The HYDROS DC Solenoid Valve is a handy accessory that provides easy on/off water flow control for your RO/DI. You can connect the solenoid to your reverse osmosis filter and use it to top-off your freshwater ATO reservoir when it’s getting low. Instead of using the HYDROS DC Micro Pump as your ATO pump, you could also use the HYDROS DC Solenoid Valve instead.

The HYDROS DC Solenoid Valve works in conjunction with a HYDROS aquarium controller and an optical or mechanical water level sensor. When the sensor detects the water level is low, it opens the valve to allow fresh RO or RO/DI water to flow through and top-off your tank or sump. When the sensor senses that the water level is replenished, the Controller will then shut off power to the solenoid.