CoralVue HYDROS – Control XP8 Pro Energy Bar

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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


The HYDROS XP8 Energy Bar is an eight outlet power bar and controller hybrid designed for controlling and monitoring aquarium heaters, return pumps, lights, protein skimmers, and more from anywhere in the world via the HYDROS Appp. In addition to the equipment plugged into its 8 outlets, the XP8 Energy Bar can also wirelessly control up to 8 WiFi devices including fish feeders, smart outlets, or additional power strips when paired with a HYDROS WiFi Power Strip or HYDROS Smart Plug (both sold separately).

The Control XP8 is not merely a “Power Bar”– it is a fully functioning HYDROS system controller with its own “brain” capable of taking over intelligent decisions based on the status of other HYDROS Devices within the your HYDROS “collective”. Its two HYDROS Command Bus ports allow for a wired connection to any other HYDROS controller, allowing you to power and consolidate control devices for the ultimate failsafe system.