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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


The CoralVue HYDROS Control 4 Starter Pack gives you ultimate control of your aquarium through a powerful and robust aquarium controller system with unique and expandable capabilities. With the HYDROS Control 4, you can monitor important parameters such as temperature, pH, ORP, water levels, and flow rates, just to name a few. Control pumps, timers, solenoids, and much more through HYDROS’ technologically advanced design. Use the HYDROS Control 4 Start Pack as a standalone system, or build an extensive controller system with the numerous other control devices available for the HYDROS system. Beginners and seasoned reefers alike will appreciate the intuitive, cloud-based controls. build an extensive system.

HYDROS Controllers have an industrial look because they are built to withstand the marine aquarium’s harsh environment. The IP65-rated HYDROS enclosure and aircraft-style connectors ensure long-term reliability in the face of splashes and corrosive salt spray.