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Small Polyp Stony corals, or SPS as they are often referred to in the hobby, serve as the main building blocks of the reef. As they grow and build up their calcium carbonate skeletons they expand the reef, effectively building a larger ecosystem for other corals, invertebrates and fish to reside in. Although they are often seen as the most challenging type of coral in the hobby, encrusting SPS can be just as easy to keep as LPS. The SPS category encompases many different species of corals that we’ve been collecting and farming for years to provide the hardiest, most colorful specimens possible. We strive to provide hundreds of options for you to choose from on any given day.

At Top Shelf Aquatics we believe that aquaculture is paramount. By growing these corals in our facility we are able to provide you with the highest quality specimens possible, ensuring they grow and reproduce faster and better for you. Rest easy knowing that we farm the vast majority of corals provided on our site and have been doing so for years now. If you ever have any questions or concerns our team of expert aquarists are here to help!