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Signature Colonies

Acropora is what we do best at Top Shelf Aquatics. With several hundred different species and morphs we’ve composed the ultimate collection of sticks for all reefers from beginners to avid collectors. Acros require stable parameters, strong lighting and most of all patience. While they may be a bit more challenging than other varieties of corals, we’ve found that once they are happy they will provide you amazing polyp extension, spectacular growth and vibrant colors. All of the acros you will find on our site have been farmed for several years in our systems and are prime examples of just how hardy acropora can really be.

At Top Shelf Aquatics we believe that aquaculture is paramount. By growing these corals in our facility we are able to provide you with the highest quality specimens possible, ensuring they grow and reproduce faster and better for you. Rest easy knowing that we farm the vast majority of corals provided on our site and have been doing so for years now. If you ever have any questions or concerns our team of expert aquarists are here to help!

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