Top Shelf Aquatics

Aquacultured Coral Farm

Our farm facility features top of the line equipment and was designed to assist us in ensuring we are providing nothing but the best corals to our customers. We follow strict quarantine procedures to ensure the corals that leave our facility are not only beautiful, but very healthy. We want to be the most trusted source for all of your fish and coral needs. Watch the video to see Reef Builders tour of our farm facility.

Reef Builders does a terrific job of showing the day to day functions of the TSA Farm. Follow Kevin as he gives a tour and explains in detail how the farm runs.

Sustainable Practices

As a State Certified Aquaculture facility (AQ0358037) with nearly 30,000 gallons of water dedicated towards SPS, LPS and Softies, we are continually striving to reduce our reliance on imported corals. By constantly developing new techniques and seeking to expand our list of available species, you can always find environmentally conscious farm grown frags to brighten up your reef aquarium.

Watch Reef Builders reveal some of their favorites of the vast variety of coral found in the Top Shelf Aquatics’ farm.


Daily Functions of the Farm

Top Shelf Aquatics has the best methods of fragging and shipping healthy and hardy coral. These methods are refined from years of research and effort in order to get our coral directly to your door the healthiest way possible.

Watch George (Coral12g) as he takes a behind the scenes look at out farm and the shipping process.