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Ways to View & Buy New Corals During Live Sales

OPTION 1: Click the “Live Sale tab at the top of the site, There will be hourly drops of new corals every hour, on the hour.

OPTION 2 (Recommended): Get a head start on the sale and cherry pick the corals you want by visiting our Reef 2 Reef thread 3 minutes before the hour, where a link to the group of 150+ corals will be posted. This gives you the remainder of the hour to work on your “honey-do” lists.

OPTION 3: At random times during the live sale, look for new drops of coral batches on the R2R thead. These batches may be discounted or free corals, ultra rare gems or even TSA Coral Cash. So stick around for these added bonuses — it’s definitely worth your while!

OPTION 4: If you’ve missed the most recent live sale, view all the leftover corals that haven’t sold yet online now.


During our live sales, we post 3,000+ corals that are sold as-is. The first to check out with the coral wins. In the extremely rare event that two people check out with the same coral at the exact same time, the second customer will receive a different frag of the same coral.

All orders are final. No coupons, retail store gift cards, credits, substitutions or additional discounts will be applied to live sale corals. In the extremely unlikely event that a coral does not arrive to our shipping standards, we will replace it with either another frag from the same mother or provide a refund. If you have any questions, please reach out to us before making a purchase.

Tips for a Successful Live Sale Purchase:

  • Create an account before the live sale starts to put you ahead of the crowd and save you time during your checkout process.
  • Save your shipping address and credit card information ahead of time (can be done in your browser settings) to make checkout quick and easy.
  • If a special discount is dropped during the sale, the code must be manually added during checkout. Coupons are not retroactively applied.
  • On the day prior to your chosen delivery date, be sure to have your phone on you, as we may try to call in the event of an issue. If we cannot reach you, we may choose to refund the piece instead of replacing it.

Please contact us through email with any questions/concerns: [email protected] During the live sale, we may not be able to respond immediately.