THE Top Shelf Aquatics Difference

Over the past 10 years, Top Shelf Aquatics has earned the reputation of Florida’s premier custom aquarium installer. Where others only focus on fish only aquarium, we specialize in both fish only and live coral reef aquariums, using glass or acrylic we don’t limit your design by what is easier for us. Our team is thoroughly experienced in the modern aquarium automation technologies of today, using Neptune Apex, Ecotech Marine, Coralvue, and several other manufacturers, we can set you up with a quiet, energy efficient, and automated reef aquarium that will combine the highest level of success and the lowest care requirements.  

Design & Planning 

Our recommendations are always based on what is best for you, the livestock, and the general ease of service. Whether your project is big or small, you can trust Top Shelf Aquatics to make your aquarium dreams a reality.


NOT 2 Men and 1 truck

With 3 vans on the road, a team of 24 aquarium specialist, 4 Marine Biologist on staff, 3 full time working owners, and  one of the nation’s largest aquarium retail stores, our customer service, experience, product selection, design, and competitive prices are simply unmatched. Leveraging our long partnerships with Marineland, Aqueon, Seapora, Red Sea, Innovative Marine, and our custom aquarium builders, we are always able to keep at least 30 new aquariums in stock of all options and sizes. In addition, because of this volume, we can always guarantee the best price and quality. 

all inclusive MAINTENANCE 

Our team provides ongoing professional maintenance services to assure your fish and aquatic creatures thrive in their environment. In order for the aquarium to function at it’s fullest potential, care and attention to the aquarium system and animals must take place on a regular basis. We are fully committed to a predetermined set maintenance schedule that is friendly to your lifestyle at home or to your business hours and activities. During the service the aquarium will be cleaned and inspected for functionality and health to provide for an ongoing beautiful aquatic environment.