Join us this Saturday & Sunday for our First ever Beat the Rush Black Friday Live Sale. Get all the deals and steals a week before Black Friday

3 ways to View and Buy new Corals

  • 75+ Corals will be posted ever hour on the hour from 11am – 11pm both days. Under the Live Sale tab at the top of the site.
  • For pre-access to these hourly drops make sure you join our thread on Reef2Reef(Click Here) and go to the last page of the thread and look for a special link that will be available 3 minutes before the corals go live on our site.
  • ln the middle of the hourly drops we will be dropping batches of corals on the Reef2Reef thread only. These batches may be discounted corals, they may be free corals, they may be TSA Coral Cash, or they may be the ultra rare gems that you’re on the lookout for. It’s completely random!
    -While you can get lots of awesome deals with the hourly drops, I can honestly say that we will be making it worth your while to stick around on the thread as well. We also assume there will be a little less people active in between drops so it might be the ideal time to get that one piece you need without as much competition.

  • Shipping will be a flat $29.99 during the live sale and $19.99 for FL residents.
  • There will be no free shipping during the live sale.
  • We will not be combining separate customers into a box. This is to avoid any possible confusion.
  • When you check out for your first order select your preferred shipping date. Any additional orders select “Add to existing order”
  • f these days do not work with your schedule please reach out via email prior to submitting an order
  • [CLICK HERE] to read our guarantee policy

  • EcoTech Marine XR15 G5 Pro ($419.99 Value)
  • (5) $100 TSA Gift Cards
  • (4)$250 Frag Packs 

  • How to win these prizes?
    – Make a purchase during the sale (1 ticket)
    – Spend more than $500 (2 tickets)
    – – Share this post on Facebook and Instagram (3 tickets)
    – Make at least one meaningful post every hour during the sale on our Reef2Reef Thread (4 tickets)
  • The prizes drawlings will be posted by 11/28 in the Reef2Reef thread. You can only win 1 prize. Please make a post in this thread if you shared on social media and or made a post every hour during the sale so we can verify.

  • Create an account on our website **This will allow you to check out quicker** you will be way ahead of the crowd!
  • Our live sale will begin on Saturday 11/21/20 11am to 11pm EASTERN and will continue on Sunday 11/22/20 again from 11am to 11pm EASTERN.
  • We’ll be posting 2300+ corals that are “what you see is what you get” WYSIWYG. The first to check out with the coral will win it.
  • The same coral can be in other customer’s carts at the same time. The customer that checks out first will ultimately win the coral.
  • When you check out for your first order select your preferred shipping date. Any additional orders select “Add to existing order” Please make sure to check out with the correct delivery date on your first transaction. This allows us to ship our all orders promptly and without delay
  • All orders are final. No coupons, retail store gift cards, credits, substitutions or additional discounts will be applied to live sale corals. If you have any questions please reach out to us before making a purchase.

******* We will be posting $1, $5, and FREE corals throughout the sale. A MAXIMUM of two $1, $5 and free corals are allowed per order. Setting this limit allows a better opportunity for others to win awesome corals at heavily discounted rates. Any orders violating this rule will have additional pieces refunded at our discretion ******

  • In the extremely unlikely event that a coral does not look up to our shipping standard we will replace it with either another frag from the same mother OR refund the coral. Please make sure that on the day prior to your chosen delivery date you have your phone on you as we may try to call in the event of an issue. If we cannot reach you, we may choose to refund the piece instead of replacing it.
  • Please communicate with us through email us if you have any questions/ concerns. During the live sale we may not be able to respond immediately and its really easy to lose a R2R PM **Please make sure to include your full name when communicating** We have 500+ different users at any given live sale, we need to make sure we are properly identifying you.