Top Shelf Aquatics

Established in 2011. Top Shelf Aquatics was born from a passion for marine fish and corals. Focusing on sustainable aquaculture we have made it our number one mission to bring customers the best livestock in the industry. Starting from our small 2,500 gallon farm to our now 25,000 gallon facility we hope to continue to expand and sustainably farm corals for a long time to come. 
From healthy livestock, to water filtration and quarantine processes, we make it a point to ensure that every item that leaves our store represents the highest of standards. By providing Top Shelf service, quality products, and competitive pricing, we hope to help you create your own unique piece of the ocean. 
Our farm facility features top of the line equipment and was designed to assist us in ensuring we are providing nothing but the best corals to our customers. We follow strict quarantine procedures to ensure the corals that leave our facility are not only beautiful, but very healthy. We want to be the most trusted source for all of your fish and coral needs. Visit our store today and experience the difference.

You can always count on Top Shelf Aquatics having our coral tanks full. From beginner coral, to high end SPS, we have it all. We also dedicate 30,000 gallons to farm grown coral.

Fish & Inverts
Our selection comes from all around the world. In our store you will find exotic specimens from Bali, Fiji, Hawaii all the way to the Caribbean, making you an extraordinary ecosystem. Many of our fish are captive bred, which ensures quality and health. Captive bred specimens do not have the same environmental impact on our reefs, which will help save our oceans for years to come. We also have the largest selection of Invertebrates in town. Whether you need a hermit crab, or you want an anemone for your clownfish to host, we have what you need.