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Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose best products for your aquarium. With the largest selection of dry goods in central Florida, you can always find everything you need for your aquarium. After spending years testing and researching supplies from all the different companies, we can offer you the most informed recommendations that will make your aquarium dreams a reality.

In standing behind the products we sell, we offer 1+ year warranties on almost everything we offer. From lighting to coral foods, additives to live rock, we can aid in your decision in creating the most spectacular aquarium. In addition to our price match guarantee, our promise to you is top shelf quality supplies at bottom shelf prices.

Additives, Aeration & CO2, Aquariums & Stands, Auto Top-Off Systems, Books, Videos & Manuals, Controllers, Filtration & Skimmers, Fish & Coral Food, Fragging Supplies, Heaters & Chillers, Lighting Equipment, Live Rock, Medications & Pest Removal, Plumbing Parts & Supplies, Protein Skimmers, Pumps, Reactors, Reverse Osmosis Filters & Systems, Surge Tanks & Refugiums, Testing Supplies, UV & Ozone