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Reefer Rewards

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Earn rewards on every purchase, be entered to win in special Reefer’s Rewards giveaways, and receive discounts made specifically for YOU!

How To Earn Points!

  • Reefer Rewards Today--

    2500 Points For Signing Up

  • Reefer Rewards Today--

    50 Points / Dollar On All Livestock

  • Reefer Rewards Today--

    25 Points / Dollar On Aquarium Supplies

  • Reefer Rewards Today--

    2500 Points For Your Birthday

  • Reefer Rewards Today--

    2000 Points On Your TSA Anniversary

  • Reefer Rewards Today

    2x Reward Points On Select Items

How to Redeem Your Rewards!

  • Reefer Rewards Today--

    1$ off any purchase for 1000 points you use

  • Reefer Rewards Today--

    5000 points for a TSA Coral Sticker Pack

  • Reefer Rewards Today--

    15000 points for a TSA Shirt!

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Frequently Asked Question

Reefer’s Rewards FAQ

  • Earning TSA Reward Points

    Reefer’s Rewards program earns points as follows:

    • 50 TSA Reward Points for every $1 you spend On All Live Stock and 25 TSA Reward Points for every $1 you spend on Aquarium supplies.
      • As a Reefer’s Rewards member, you will earn TSA Reward Points based on the cost of your purchases. These points will be added to your Reward Points account balance. To be eligible for TSA Reward Points, you must place your order through your Reefer’s Rewards account, and the order must be fully processed, shipped, and payment received. TSA will make every effort to credit your account promptly, but it is your responsibility to confirm that your Reward Points have been properly credited. If you notice any discrepancies, please notify TSA within one month of your purchase, along with relevant documentation. Please note that if you return any products, the corresponding Reward Points will be deducted from your balance. Orders placed prior to enrolling in the Reefer’s Rewards program are not eligible for TSA Reward Points.
      • Earning of points excludes Abyzz, Adaptive Reef, Algae Free, American Marine (PinPoint), Apogee, Aqua Forest, Aqua Illumination, Aqua Ultraviolet, AquaEL, AquariumPlants/CarbonDoser, Aquatec Eco-Systems, Aquatic Life, ATI Lighting (Clear Choice), AutoAqua, Bob Smith Industries, Cepex, Coralvue, Current USA, D-D The Aquarium Solution, Easy Reefs, Ecotech Marine, Fiji Cube, Flipper, Focustronic, G.A. Murdock, Georg Fischer, GHL, Giesemann, Gryphon, Hanna Instruments, HM Digital, hW Wiegandt, Hydor, IceCap, Innovative Marine, Instant Ocean, Iwaki, JBJ, Kamoer, Kessil, Klir, Kuri-Tec, Korallen-Zucht, Mag-Float, MarcoRocks, Maxspect, Mr. Aqua, Mur-lok, Neptune Systems, Nyos, Ocean Nutrition, Oceans Wonders, Orphek, Oxo, Ozotech, Pentair, PolypLab, Radium, Red Sea, Reef Breeders, Reef Brite, Reef Chili, Reef Nutrition, Reef Octopus, Seneye, Sicce, Spears, Theiling, Trigger Systems, Triton, Tropic Marin, Tunze, Ultra Reef, Waterbox & XP Aqua. 
    • Bonus Points
      • Under promotional offers, TSA may offer additional Bonus TSA Reward Points for specific product purchases. When you purchase eligible products, you will receive the regular Reward Points based on the product price, as well as the Bonus Reward Points associated with the promotion. Note that bonus point promotions may supersede existing promotions and discounts. The standard bonus will be 2x the purchase points on the specified products.
    • Sign Up
        • Creation of a account automatically signs you up for our Reefer’s Rewards program and results in an accumulation of 2500 points
    • Birthday
      • On the date of birth of the main user of an account, you will be credited 2500 points.
    • TSA Anniversary
      • On the anniversary of your account creation, you will receive a bonus credit of 2000 points.


  • Redeeming Reefer’s Rewards Points

    Qualified customers redeem Reefer’s Rewards points in the following ways:

    • The value of the Reward Points is determined by TSA by using an exchange rate of monetary payments made on products to points and an e of points earned to in relation to monetary payments on future purchases.
    • The redemption Rate at Checkout for reward points is 1000 Points = $1
    • You can use your accumulated TSA Reward Points as a payment option in your Customer Account’s “My Cart.” Once you’ve logged in to your account, the option to use your Reward Points towards your purchase will be displayed in the Payment Method section of the checkout process. You have the choice to redeem your Reward Points along with other payment methods like credit cards. Please note that TSA Reward Points can only be applied to future orders and can’t be used to pay for the same purchase they were earned from. TSA Reward Points are redeemable for order credit only and do not hold any monetary value.
    • Canceled purchases will result in a debit of applicable reward points earned for the canceled order.
    • If a customer returns a purchase to Top Shelf Aquatics, the Reefer’s Rewards Points earned for all returned items will be forfeited. If the total Reefer’s Rewards Points are not sufficient for forfeiture, the shortage in points will be deducted from the refund amount.
    • You can add TSA merchandise to your order for a discounted value of points. TSA stickers are redeemable for 5000 points and a shirt for a total of 15000 points.
  • Reefer’s Rewards Terms & Conditions

    The Reefer’s Rewards Loyalty Program offered by (TSA) is a program that rewards eligible customers for their purchases. To participate in the program, customers must meet the following criteria:

    • Must be 18 years or older
    • Must not be an employee, agent, or vendor (including wholesale customers) of TSA or any of its affiliates or family members

    To enroll in the program, customers must register for an account on the website. By creating an account, customers agree to abide by the program’s terms and conditions.

    Reward Points Expiration

    The TSA Reward Points will become invalid after 365 days from the date they are credited to your account. The oldest earned Reward Points will be the first to expire, following a first-in, first-out approach. TSA may, but is not required to, provide notice of the expiration of Reward Points.

    Managing My Reward Points

    Through your Customer Account, you have access to view and manage your TSA Reward Points. This includes viewing your total Reward Points balance and their monetary value, as well as a comprehensive history of your Reward Points transactions, including acquisitions, redemptions, and losses. This history will include information on historical rates and benefits, as well as any relevant notifications, such as expiration dates. By creating an account, you agree to receive program-related communication from TSA, unless you opt-out. However, TSA reserves the right to terminate your participation in the program if any Reward Points are obtained, redeemed or earned through fraudulent or illegal means, or violation of the program’s terms and conditions. Upon termination, all Reward Points will be immediately forfeited. It’s important to note that you cannot sell, transfer, or gift your Reward Points in any way.

    Modification, Suspension, and Termination of the Program


    TSA reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the Reefer’s Rewards Program at any time, without notice. This includes changes to program terms and conditions, promotions, reward redemption procedures, the number of Reward Points required for rewards, and the accrual of Reward Points. The company may also limit or suspend any aspect of the program at its discretion. In case of termination of the Program, any unredeemed Reward Points will be forfeited. The availability of the Program and its offers cannot be guaranteed and may change or be revoked without notice. Offers are subject to availability and may be subject to cancellation policies.

    Limitation on Liability

    By enrolling in the Program, you agree that TSA and its affiliates and their respective officers, managers, directors, governors, employees, or agents (collectively the “Released Parties”) will not be held liable for any claims, losses, injuries, damages, accidents, costs or expenses, or any other incidental, indirect, special, punitive, exemplary, or consequential damages (collectively “Losses and Damages”) that arise directly or indirectly from: (i) the Program, the terms and conditions thereof, or any activity related to the Program; (ii) any failure, delay, or decision by TSA in administering the Program; (iii) any unauthorized breach of security regarding your personal information related to the Program; (iv) any offer, representation, statement or claim about the Program, any products or services of the Program; (v) any printing, production, or other errors in any medium related to the Program; (vi) any delay or failure to credit Reward Points to your account; or (vii) any failure to provide Program communication. These limitations of liability will apply regardless of whether the alleged liability is based on contract, negligence, tort, strict liability, or any other basis, even if one of the Released Parties or one of their representatives has been advised of or should have known of the possibility of such Losses and Damages, and without regard to the success or effectiveness of other remedies.

    The maximum combined aggregate liability of the Released Parties for any cause whatsoever in any calendar year arising out of or in connection with any of the matters described above shall not, in any event, exceed ten U.S. dollars ($10.00). If any of the preceding limitations of liability or the following warranty disclaimer is found to be void, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, then such limitations of liability and/or disclaimer shall be modified to the minimum extent necessary to accomplish the purpose and intent of the original provisions to the fullest extent allowed by law, and the remaining limitations of liability and warranty disclaimers shall remain in full force and effect.

    No Warranty


    TSA denies any and all warranties, whether written or spoken, express, implied, legally mandated, or derived from standard business practices, concerning the Program and the website. This includes but is not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, ownership, and non-infringement.

    Product Relation

    The points that a user receives when they purchase a product from Top Shelf Aquatics have no relationship or connection to the product itself and are the sole responsibility of Top Shelf Aquatics. The points are a part of the Reefer’s Rewards program offered by Top Shelf Aquatics and are not a guarantee, endorsement, or have any relation product purchased. It is important to note that the user’s receipt of points for their purchase is subject to the terms and conditions of the rewards program, of which rights are wholly owned by Top Shelf Aquatics.

    Governing Law and Interpretation


    Your participation in the Program shall be deemed made, performed, transacted, and closed in the State of Florida in the United States of America. By enrolling in the Program, you agree that the laws of the State of Florida in the United States of America, without regard to its conflict of laws rules, will govern the Program and these Program terms and conditions. The interpretation of these Program terms and conditions and any rules related to the Program shall be at the sole discretion of TSA. TSA may assign its rights and obligations under this Program and such assigned obligations shall be the sole responsibility of the assignee. This Program and the issuance of Reward Points is void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Livestock orders over $299 - Aquarium Supplies orders over $399 SHIP FREE OVERNIGHT | Financing Available