Red Sea REEFER Slip-Fit-Drop Adapter – 25mm to 1/2″ Loc-line – Vivid Creative

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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Lower the outputs below the water line in your Red Sea Reefer aquarium while adapting to Loc-Line!

Many reefers want to modify the output nozzles on Red Sea Reefer aquariums to use loc-line style attachments, and now you can! Just slip on the Return Nozzle to Loc-Line Adapter and you can then use any Loc-Line product in the proper size. For the best results, we recommend pairing the return nozzle adapters with the Random Flow Generators that create random flow patterns without any moving parts!

Lowering the return outputs in the Red Sea Reefer Aquariums can help with splashing from the return flowing back into the aquarium. Using drop fittings give you more flexibility in the overall direction, and keeps the water from splashing around.

Available Size:

25mm to 1/2″ Loc-Line

Installation is super easy, just remove the stock return nozzle and replace it with the slip adapter and you are done! Just add your favorite Loc-Line nozzle or Vivid Creative’s RFG Nozzle. No glue, tape, heat, or clamps are needed!

Compatible with:

Red Sea Reefer Aquariums

Red Sea Max Series