Wooden Air Diffuser – Tropic Marin

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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


Tropic Marin Lime Wood Air Diffuser Small 5cm
For fine bubble formation in seawater aquariums
Fine air bubbles are required in seawater aquariums in order to adhere as many dissolved substances such as proteins as possible to the air bubbles when skimming protein, thus enabling these to be removed. A large number of enriched air bubbles results in the generation of the familiar dry scum in the skimmer.
The Tropic Marin LIMEWOOD AIR DIFFUSER has extremely fine pores and therefore generates the finest air bubbles.

  • Extremely fine bubble formation
  • Handmade
  • Ideal for use with protein skimmers

How to use:
After the first application of the lime wood air diffuser in the aquarium it should be kept moist at all times and may no longer be allowed to dry out, to avoid tension in the wood and subsequent cracking.

If the lime wood air diffuser becomes coated with algae, it can be carefully brushed clean with clear water.

We recommend checking the bubble form at regular intervals and replacing the lime wood air diffuser where the fine bubble formation is no longer achieved adequately.