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Syncra Silent 5.0 Pump (1321 GPH) – Sicce

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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


An entirely quiet new line of energy-efficient pumps is called Syncra quiet. Be not deceived; these pumps are robust and functional. Ideal for all submersible and in-line applications that need maximum performance and complete silence, including freshwater and saltwater aquariums, protein skimmers, indoor fountains, water conditioning, and all of these. Because of Sicce’s 35 years of expertise, Syncra Silent pumps use synchronous motors and cutting-edge rotors, which completely silence the pumps.

Flow rates from 185 gph to 1321 gph
Available with 6′ bi-polar or 20′ grounded cord
Durable rotor and shaft
Standard thread intake & discharge barb fittings included
Resistant to harsh conditions
Submersible or inline use
Adjustable flow rate
Available with 3-year or 5-year extended warranties with online registration and purchase from an authorized dealer.

8 models available:
Syncra .5 Pump: 185gph, 4′ max head, 1.73psi
Syncra 1.0 Pump: 251gph, 5′ max head, 2.17psi
Syncra 1.5 Pump: 357gph, 6′ max head, 2.60psi
Syncra 2.0 Pump: 568gph, 7.9′ max head, 2.82psi
Syncra 3.0 Pump: 714gph, 9.9′ max head, 4.30psi
Syncra 3.5 Pump: 660gph, 12.5′ max head, 5.43psi
Syncra 4.0 Pump: 952gph, 12.6′ max head, 5.43psi
Syncra 5.0 Pump: 1321gph, 12.6′ max head, 5.47psi

Q-Max 1321 us gph
H-Max h 12.6 ft
Voltage / Hertz 120v / 60hz
Watt 105 W
RSYN01U cable 7.55 ft – 2p us
RSYN01V cable 20 ft – 3p us