Sand Sifting Starfish



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Certified (#AQ0358037) Department of Agriculture


The Sand Sifting Starfish is a wonderful sandbed cleaner for any established aquarium. Unlike many other commonly kept starfish species, these echinoderms spend the majority of their time buried beneath the surface of the sand. The Sand Sifting Star’s brown/beige bodies can blend in simply by sitting on the surface of some sandbeds. Similar to many other starfishes, these stars are omnivorous, and they can quickly and effectively consume large amounts of uneaten food, algae, and detritus, making them a great addition to many Cleanup Crews. Sand Sifting Starfish are also very peaceful and will not harms corals or other invertebrates. Making sure your sandbed has had a sufficient amount of time to build up a food source for these stars is crucially important,  as otherwise, the starfish may simply starve and eventually die after exhausting any available food. Similarly to many other invertebrates, the Sand Sifting Starfish does not tolerate copper, high levels of nitrates or parameter swings in an aquarium. Starfishes are also highly intolerant to changes in oxygen levels, so reducing the amount of time they are handled outside of the water is strongly recommended.